Representing the District

Our voices should be heard and our needs met.

Our founders envisioned servant, citizen-leaders stepping forward from among us to be our voice in Congress. Warren Davidson grew up in Ohio and moved back after twelve years on active duty. He chose to raise his family and grow his businesses here in Ohio’s 8th District. In Congress, Warren will help ensure that our government functions properly, insist the needs of the 8th District are met, and demand our values shape federal policy. Warren will fight for you!

National Security

Let’s keep our nation safe, give our soldiers what they need, and defeat ISIS.

Warren Davidson loves this country with a soldier’s passion. He has a proven willingness to sacrifice everything in our defense. While serving as an Army Ranger, Warren was exasperated when the Clinton administration responded to radical Islamic terrorism with the FBI, rather than with lethal force from elite units. September 11, 2001 showed that we cannot allow sanctuaries for jihadists. We can and must destroy them without spending another $4 trillion dollars occupying and rebuilding more of the Middle East. We need leaders in Congress who can hold the administration accountable for effectively waging the wars we declare and equipping our military for victory. On national security, Warren will lead!


Free markets work. Let’s repeal Obamacare and reform healthcare with conservative solutions.

Warren Davidson is serious about fixing healthcare. Repeal and replace is a pretty slogan, but replace with what? Ending Obamacare is long past due, but so are solutions. Warren will hold Congress’ feet to the fire by insisting that they have the same healthcare as the Veterans Administration (VA). The federal government can’t manage healthcare for 3 million veterans, and they want to inflict their solution on 300 million citizens. By letting Congress experience the inadequacies of the VA, we will not only fix the VA, but also gain consensus on solutions that work. We can build on that to ensure all Americans have powerful, free-market forces working to control costs and quality, rather than protected oligarchs and government monopolies working to serve themselves. On healthcare, Warren will lead!

Taxes & Spending

Tax less, spend less, and stop stealing from the next generation.

Reagan said it well, “You can’t be for big government, big taxes, and big bureaucracy and still be for the little guy.” There is no way to tax the economy into good health. Warren Davidson will work aggressively for a simpler, flatter tax code. And, he will work to spend less on fewer and more focused programs. Warren believes the most compassionate thing Congress can do with our money is to plan ahead and preserve its value. Congress is failing us by overspending, blaming presidents (without ever forcing a veto), and continuing to add to the constantly growing national debt. As a successful business owner, Warren knows how to control budgets and keep a growing company on target. Warren supports a Balanced Budget Amendment. We need leaders like Warren in Washington who will take action now. On reforming taxes and controlling spending, Warren will lead!


We must secure the border, enforce our laws, and keep amnesty off the table.

America is indeed the land of opportunity, and Warren wants to help restore the meaning of the phrase. However, immigration is a vital national security issue. Warren will apply his military leadership experience to help secure our borders, ensure we have an invulnerable immigration process, and end the perverse incentives that continue making the problems worse. We need to end birthright citizenship, cut federal funds to sanctuary cities and states, and limit access to the rights of citizenship to citizens and legal guests. We have some great, legal programs, and we should reward those who use them – while working to make them better. We need leaders who won’t cave on securing our borders. On immigration, Warren will lead!

Faith & Family

Values matter. We must fight for the unborn, for marriage, and for our freedom to live our faith.

Warren became a Christian in 1987. Warren and Lisa Davidson met through that common connection. She and Warren have been married for 20 years and are the proud parents of an 18-year old daughter and 16-year old son. Like many of you, the Davidsons strive to integrate their faith with their way of life. But, the federal government, activist judges, and a deteriorating culture strive to marginalize Christians and coerce actions willfully hostile to our traditions and values. Warren knows that life begins at conception, marriage is between one man and one woman, and individuals and businesses should be able to practice their faith without big brother watching over their shoulders. Warren will work to ensure our laws reflect these Constitutional truths. We need leaders who will take action. Warren will defend religious liberty, the lives of the unborn, and family values. For our families, faith, and culture, Warren will lead!


Protect and defend the Constitution. Warren fought for Freedom as a soldier and will do so again in Congress.

Warren Davidson knows that in securing our nation, we cannot undermine the values that make us Americans. Nor can we continue to forsake the freedoms that built this great nation in the name of political correctness. The Second Amendment uses simple language to ensure every citizen has the right to keep and bear arms; it secures our other freedoms. The freedom to earn, achieve, invest and leave an inheritance were as important to our founders as religious liberty. Our founding documents hold the keys to our way of life, and yet it seems they are constantly under attack. Many in Congress seem content with an imperial presidency and activist courts, but we should not accept that as the status quo. Warren will fight to change the status quo and promote our liberty!

Conservative Leadership

We’ve had enough of career politicians and broken promises. It’s time for real, conservative leadership.

Warren is a conservative, Republican leader. Far too often, we elect politicians eager to play the game, preserve the status quo, and swear fidelity to Party above all. Warren is not a politician. He is a former soldier, a business owner, a conservative, a leader, and a problem solver. Warren wants to serve in Congress in order to help turn this country around – not become part of the status quo. We need conservative leaders in Congress, not passive lifers. Warren Davidson is the conservative, Republican leader we need in Congress!