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1.Individuals should be able to choose the combination of care, coverage, and cost they find best for their own circumstances from a range of high-quality alternatives in a truly competitive market.


2.End the antitrust exemption provided for health insurance companies.


3.Make HSAs available to all people and make payment for health insurance an eligible expense.


4.Require healthcare providers to provide one bill per visit and not multiple bills - which would eliminate surprise billing and apply pressure to contain costs.


5.Require providers & pharmacies to publicly disclose all net prices they accept as full payment.


6.Eliminate gag rules for pharmacies.


7.A safety net already ensures that no one goes without healthcare, but it needs to be reformed. There is no clear federal consensus. Providing healthcare is not an enumerated power, so federalism offers a path forward. Eliminate most federal mandates and block grant all federal Medicaid on a per citizen basis.

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