The Club For Growth

“In a crowded field, Warren Davidson stands out as the premier economic conservative. While other candidates in the field want to climb the political ladder to fill John Boehner’s establishment shoes, Warren Davidson is the true conservative outsider.”

Senate Conservatives Fund

“Warren Davidson is a strong conservative who will fight for our values and protect the Constitution,” said SCF President Ken Cuccinelli. “Voters in Ohio have a chance to elect someone who will fight for their values. We’re very proud to support Warren Davidson for Congress and we’re excited to do our part to help him win this important race.”


“Warren Davidson is a breath of fresh air. As a small business owner, he knows the hoops entrepreneurs have to jump through to be successful, and he’ll use that knowledge to reduce tax and regulatory barriers that prevent businesses from expanding jobs. This is a strongly Republican district, and we need Warren Davidson to represent its residents and pursue pro-growth policies that will help the economy thrive.”

National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB)

“Warren Davidson knows the struggles that small business owners go through in operating their firms,” said NFIB National Political Director Sharon Sussin. “The expertise and experience he gained running his family’s business is exactly what we need in the U.S. House right now. Small business owners struggle with excessive regulations and burdensome taxes, Davidson knows that freeing them would create jobs and prosperity.”

Family Research Council

“These are challenging times and the nation is looking for leaders who are committed to not just talking about the important issues, but actually addressing them. We are thankful for Mr. Davidson’s service to our nation as an Army Ranger. We have also noted the work he has done in transforming his family business and growing it to employ 200 people. Through these experiences and others, he has demonstrated leadership and a deep appreciation for the principles that made this nation great. He recognizes the importance of religious liberty and our First Amendment freedoms. As a member of Congress we know he will work to protect these fundamental freedoms. He understands that Big Government is not the answer to the challenges our country is facing. We know he is committed to reigning in an intrusive government bureaucracy, fighting for Ohio families, and defending the unborn. FRC Action PAC is confident that he will be a strong advocate for Constitutional limited government, for individual liberties, and for strong family values. Once again, we are pleased to offer our endorsement and urge those who care about the future of our nation and our freedoms to support him as well.”

Citizens for Community Values

“Citizens for Community Values is committed to promoting the common good and general welfare, primarily by means of education through direct and grassroots lobbying, and by protecting the sanctity of human life, marriage and the family, which are consistent with principles of good government.”

Tea Party Express

“Warren Davidson is a true conservative outsider, and exactly the kind of leader we desperately need in Congress. Warren isn’t a career politician or political insider—he’s a proven leader, businessman, and defender of our country. Before becoming a successful businessman, he graduated from West Point and served as one of America’s most elite fighters as an Army Ranger. He has lived a life of service to his community and to our great nation. Warren has a deep passion for conservatism, standing in strong opposition to Obamacare, Common Core, and irresponsible government debt. And the old saying stands true, ‘You are who you surround yourself with.’ In Warren Davidson’s case, that’s Congressman Jim Jordan and the Freedom Caucus. The Freedom Caucus has served as the tip of the spear for conservatives in Washington, D.C., taking on both special interests and establishment, do-nothing politicians. Warren is a fighter and leader, and Tea Party Express is proud to endorse Warren Davidson in Ohio’s 8th Congressional District.”

We the People Convention

“Our main criteria for endorsement is to select conservative citizen representatives who will put the interests of the people before their own interests and those of any special interests. We believe that the candidates we have endorsed for federal office are of high moral character, have the fortitude to resist the temptations of Washington, and are committed to selflessly serve the people of Ohio.”

Conservative Republican Leadership Committee

“We’re confident that former Army Ranger Warren Davidson will not go along with the status quo but will fight fearlessly for conservative values.”

Jim Jordan
House Representative

“I am asking the voters of the 8th District to send Warren Davidson toCongress so together we can fight to fix a broken healthcare system and promote fiscally responsible, pro-growth policies that respect our Constitution and reflect the conservative values he and I share.”

Ken Blackwell
Former Mayor of Cincinnati and Ohio Secretary of State

“Over the past 8 years, our fundamental values have been under assault like never before. As we prepare to select the next representative from the 8th District, we must look for a leader who won’t just check the right boxes, but will actually be prepared to stand up and fight. That person is Warren Davidson. When it comes to protecting life, religious liberty, and the traditional family, Warren has the principles, character, commitment, and leadership we desperately need in Washington. For people of faith looking for a bold champion in Congress, Warren is the clear choice and the consistent conservative that we can trust.”

Greg Homan
Mercer County Commissioner

“I had an opportunity to invite a group of Coldwater area residents to a luncheon to meet Warren Davidson today. He is a Republican candidate seeking the US Congressional seat formerly held by John Boehner. With Coldwater being on the far-end of the district, and the majority of the votes coming from the Butler County area, it was great to see this level of interest in our local issues.”

Richard Lohnes
Clark County Commissioner

“When looking at the field of candidates, Warren Davidson clearly stands out as a man of character, a principled conservative, and a leader who was willing to serve as an Army Ranger. We need more outstanding veterans like him in the U.S. Congress”

Matt Light
Light Foundation and Former NFL Player

“The political world needs people who value hard work, a commitment to core values, and leaders who aren’t afraid to speak their minds. Those values don’t come from people within the political scene. They reside in the hard working men and women who fight hard everyday to make their communities stronger. Warren Davidson is someone that I believe will make a REAL difference in how we build a stronger community and correct the problems created by the establishment.”

Seth Morgan
Former Ohio State Representative

“I know Warren, I know the kind of man, leader, and true conservative that he is. I believe he will represent our values, challenge the status quo, and always put public service ahead of the political expediency.”

Ann Becker
Former President of the West Chester Tea Party

“I have met and talked to many of the candidates who have filed for this Congressional seat. There are 16, so I have not talked to them all. Deciding on who I would support in this race was very important to me, and I considered my decision for several weeks. I have decided to support Warren Davidson. Warren is a former Army Ranger. His military background helps him to understand the scope of the problems we face in the War on Terror and issues overseas. He also cultivated a deep sense of duty and discipline in the military that has carried over into his work in the private sector.”

… and other community leaders