“I’m Warren Davidson. I am running for Congress because I love this country with a soldier’s passion, and I want to help re-establish principles that built it. Career politicians are failing us. The Party continues to falter, and our great country continues to drift off course. We need results, not more hollow promises, pretty slogans and half-hearted excuses. Send me to Congress. I WILL fight for you!”

– Warren Davidson


“I am asking the voters of the 8th District to send Warren Davidson toCongress so together we can fight to fix a broken healthcare system and promote fiscally responsible, pro-growth policies that respect our Constitution and reflect the conservative values he and I share.”

Jim JordanUS Representative and Chairman of the House Freedom Caucus

“I had an opportunity to invite a group of Coldwater area residents to a luncheon to meet Warren Davidson today. He is a Republican candidate seeking the US Congressional seat formerly held by John Boehner. With Coldwater being on the far-end of the district, and the majority of the votes coming from the Butler County area, it was great to see this level of interest in our local issues.”

Greg HomanMercer County Commissioner

“I have met and talked to many of the candidates who have filed forthis Congressional seat. There are 16, so I have not talked to them all. Deciding on who I would support in this race was very important to me, and I considered my decision for several weeks. I have decided to support Warren Davidson.

Warren is a former Army Ranger. His military background helps him to understand the scope of the problems we face in the War on Terror and issues overseas. He also cultivated a deep sense of duty and discipline in the military that has carried over into his work in the private sector.”

Ann BeckerFormer President of the West Chester Tea Party and Candidate for State Central Committee

“When looking at the field of candidates, Warren Davidson clearly stands out as a man of character, a principled conservative, and a leader who was willing to serve as an Army Ranger. We need more outstanding veterans like him in the U.S. Congress”

Richard LohnesClark County Commissioner, USAF Ret.

“It has been an honor and a priviledge to know Warren Davidson for a number of years as his pastor, and also as a friend. Warren is a godly, humble, and sincere man with unquestionable integrity. It is my pleasure to wholeheartedly endorse Warren for congress. He is a conservative and a patriot who has served our country in the Army, and looks forward to the opportunity to further serve in public office. I urge you to vote for Warren Davidson for congress; you will not find a better candidate to represent our district in Washington!”

Matt HarbourPastor at Cornerstone Baptist Church of Troy, OH

“Any of my friends who vote in Ohio’s District 8 should check out Warren Davidson For Congress. I know Warren Davidson from my college days. He is a man of honor and integrity. He faithfully served our country as a soldier and will serve his district with no less passion.”

Lia C. Gerkin

“If you have friends in Ohio, help them spread the name Warren Davidson. We are close friends of the Davidsons and have known Warren for more than 2 decades. He is a good man with a great mind and great leadership skills. He would serve us well in Congress.”

Danette Missey Davidson

“Warren is the real deal! His convictions have served him well in business as it will in Congress. He is a fiscal and social conservative who strongly believes that we need to return to the fundamental principles upon which this great country was built”

Larry Beres

“I would like to introduce my friend Warren Davidson! Warren is running for US Congress to fill John Boehner’s vacant seat. I just can’t possibly give a higher recommendation for someone to serve in such an important role. Warren is man of great integrity; he is a West Point grad, serving as an Officer in the Army Rangers, he is a successful businessman, a great husband and father, and perhaps most importantly he is a brother in the Lord who truly walks the walk!!”

Mike Eiras

“I’ve know Warren for several years and have observed examples of his values & integrity. I’m more than willing to support his election campaign for Congress.”

John Ankerman

“On a personal note I want to encourage all of my friends in Ohio to please consider Warren Davidson for US Congress 8th District. I spent an evening with him and his wife and am convinced he is a man of God, he is actually 100% pro-life and will not compromise once in office. He is not an establishment republican, and I am getting behind him personally.”

Bryan Kemper

For years we have known that Warren Davidson is a man of deep faith who believes the same things we believe about the direction of our nation. All our friends know he’s a man who will take a stand and do what’s right even when nobody else will. Most of us wonder if any of our leaders will ever be as serious as we are about the things we are facing. Warren Davidson is. That’s why Jeni and I are endorsing him for congress.”

Johnathan Newman & Jeni NewmanPastor of Koinos Church in Troy & Teacher at Troy Christian Schools

“We have known Warren for at least 15 years and have grown to love and respect him and his family. We’ve had the opportunity to observe him as a husband, father, deacon and small business owner. Each of those observations have given us insight into the man we support for Congress. We have seen Warren as a faithful husband, a supportive father, a selfless serving deacon and a hardworking business man with integrity. Faithful, supportive, selfless, serving, hardworking and a man of integrity – seems like exactly what we need in Washington. We know Warren to be a conservative and true to his word and endorse him for Congress.”

Scott Oda & Robin OdaFinancial Advisor, Edward Jones & Troy City Council

“I first met Warren right after he returned to Troy from the Army. He and his wife, Lisa, started attending our church. I found Warren to be a highly focused man who holds very high standards for himself and all that he does. I’ve watched from a distance as he has grown his company with that same focus and determination. On the other hand, I have also witnessed him selflessly serving within the church with grace and the utmost concern for others.

These values that I have seen first hand, I believe, make him the best choice for U.S. Congress.”

Evan EnglishOwner of Olde English Outfitters

“Warren Davidson and I have many things in common. One of which is we both served as commissioned officers in a combat arm of the United States military. As officers we both swore an oath to the Constitution of the United States. As the Representative of the 8th District of Ohio in the U.S. Congress, Warren will once again take the oath to protect and defend the Constitution. Only someone who has previously offered his life to that purpose truly understands the solemnity of the oath. I believe Warren Davidson is the only candidate who will live up to the commission granted him by the citizens of Ohio’s 8th Congressional District.”

E. J. PoundsLTC USAFR, Retired

“Washington desperately needs someone who is principled, strong-willed, and biased toward action with unquestioned integrity. Warren Davidson is a man of character and faith. He is decisive and confident, yet humble and approachable. As his West Point roommate, I have known Warren since 1991. I cannot begin to express how excited I was that a man of his character has committed to making a difference in D.C. His desire to continue his selfless service to America comes as no surprise. He is a Infantryman in the U.S. Army whose love of country has driven his every endeavor. Beneath Warren’s calm and composure lies a fiery demeanor and a person who will fight for ethics, high standards, accountability, and a fierce advocate for justice and liberty. He will staunchly defend the Constitution, carefully build coalitions, and actively lead. He will engage his constituency for answers and feedback that will allow the people he serves to know their voices are truly being represented in Congress. I offer my highest personal and professional endorsement of Warren Davidson for Congress!”

Michael P. FritersDoctor of Osteopathic Medicine

“Hello, my name is Jeff McDaniel and I support Warren Davidson for congress. I live and work in Troy, Ohio as a Mechanical Design Engineer for a custom machinery builder. I am also the cross country and track coach for Troy Christian High School and get to work with many outstanding students from the Troy area. This is where my path has crossed with Warren’s, four years ago, when I began coaching his son. Like most of the parents of athletes I coach, Warren and Lisa have been very involved and supportive in the athletic programs of their teens’ schools. When the coaches need help with camps, fund raisers, or transportation, we can count on them. I have come to know that Warren’s values align with biblical principles as well as his values for human life.

I have seen many ups and downs working in the tooling and manufacturing business in the Dayton area for the past 38 years have been impressed with the way Warren has grown his stamping business through these times. He and his staff lead the business as they hired additional sales, engineering, and manufacturing staff. He has also taken advantage of the strong global economy expanding sales and manufacturing around the world. This has given him firsthand experience dealing with the regulations and restrictions that are placed on small businesses. Who better to send to Washington to represent an industry that is key to our local economy!

Jeff McDaniel

“As a machinist and manufacturing company owner, I know how important manufacturing jobs are to America. Warren Davidson knows how to create those jobs right here in our community. He has brought integrity into the corporate world as an outstanding Christian leader. He’s the right man to represent Ohio’s District 8 in Washington.”

Steve SwihartFounder and CEO of Swihart Industries Inc.

“As a former U.S. Army officer and Vietnam veteran, I whole heartedly endorse Warren Davidson for Congress! While other candidates may talk about conservative values, Warren actually lives them out.
He is a brother in arms and brings a warrior’s heart and spirit to this significant congressional race. Most importantly, he is strong family man and business leader within this community. If you value a standard of truth, and a conviction to do the right thing at the right time, then join me in supporting Warren Davidson for Congress. Let’s vote for him together on March 15th.”

Bob AllenRetired Educator and Vietnam veteran

“There are a lot of candidates in this race and I’ve had the privilege of meeting many of them. In my opinion none of them match the passion, experience, and character of Warren Davidson. We don’t need another politician in Congress; we need a business owner and veteran who understands how to get things done. I encourage you to join me, March 15th, in supporting Warren.”

Justin PowellLocal Businessman

“When I met Warren, I knew right away that he was someone I wanted representing me in congress.

As a local businessman, Warren has demonstrated that he can grow a successful business. He has the experience of leading U.S. Army soldiers in elite units, and he will not be afraid to stand up and fight to fix Obamacare, ensure the safety of our nation and secure our borders.

It is time to stop electing career politicians and start looking for those who will stand up and fight for the interests of the people. Warren Davidson is that person and that is why I am endorsing him for Congress.”

Anthony MillerChairman of Council, Village of West Milton

“We need more leaders in Washington and not more political job hoppers whose aim is to be career politicians. There is no more time for hollow talking and broken promises. It is time for action. As a business owner and former Army Ranger, Warren understands the problems that need fixed and the action required to fix them. I am proud to support Warren for Congress.”

Matt FinkesProud Piqua, Ohio native and Ohio State Buckeye

“I know Warren, I know the kind of man, leader, and true conservative that he is. I believe he will represent our values, challenge the status quo, and always put public service ahead of the political expediency.”

Seth MorganFormer Ohio Representative


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